HELP-PD will establish a state-of-the-art cohort project of patients with parkinsonism in Luxembourg to identify predictive and progression markers of the disease. Thereby this project provides a unique infrastructure and resource for innovative clinical research in Luxembourg.

The cohort program integrates an informative design (patient cohorts as well as risk cohorts in Phase II), a detailed neurological examination and structured assessment of epidemiological, neuropsychological and other clinical features, a comprehensive collection of biosamples and an integrated, anonymized data repository with web-based access. Initially, a cross-sectional assessment aimed at all diagnosed PD cases in Luxembourg will be performed, establishing a foundation for the PD registry. Subsequently, patients with PD will be followed up longitudinally.

The neurologists and geriatricians of Luxembourg and of hospitals in the border region are invited to participate, as will patient associations, allowing the integration of as many PD patients as possible into the cohort.

The broad recruitment of patients with parkinsonism will allow research to be conducted on stratification and will provide cohorts for future intervention studies. In turn, the risk cohort will recruit people at high risk of developing PD, enabling the study of early disease symptoms, as well as future prevention studies.