Introducing the “Physiotherapy and Parkinson’s disease” video series

Parkinson’s disease can cause both motor and non-motor symptoms, and medication can successfully help in reducing them. Paired with medication, physiotherapy can benefit the person with Parkinson’s disease, particularly for the motor symptoms.

It is advised to start working with a physiotherapist specialized in Parkinson’s soon after the diagnosis is made. A physiotherapist will set up a routine that works for each person and their individual Parkinson’s problems. This can include stretching and even dancing, as well as help in managing your gait and changing positions. Such activities can help with muscle and joint stiffness and can improve flexibility and posture, thus improving daily life activities!

Together with Mariella Graziano, who has been a physiotherapist for Parkinson’s disease for 30 years, and thanks to the participation of volunteers, the Luxembourg Parkinson’s Study has created a series of 4 videos on dancing, stretching, cueing and changing positions!


Dancing and Parkinson's disease Stretching and Parkinson's disease Physiotherapy and Parkinson’s disease: Learn how to change positions more easily Physiotherapy and Parkinson's disease: Learn how cueing can improve your gait