In order to answer the urgent questions surrounding the occurrence of Parkinson’s disease, researchers need to analyse clinical data and samples from hundreds of patients and healthy control persons.

The active participation in the Luxembourgish Parkinson’s study is therefore an important prerequisite for the success of the NCER-PD research project.

How did you hear about the NCER-PD study, and what motivated you in participating?

I read about it on Facebook. I’m following the page, and I always read the articles because I find them really interesting. That’s where I got to know about the study.

What motivated me? I‘ve somehow always been interested in medicine, and seeing that such a study is taking place in Luxembourg caught my attention. It has never been done before, and it is really something important. I could get sick from Parkinson tomorrow, and I know some people who have been living with the disease for years – I can see it’s very difficult, not to have control on yourself anymore. I guess you must feel a bit trapped in your own body.

I already volunteered for Médecins du Monde, I just find it natural to help. So if I can contribute in any way to help researchers in understanding what happens and finding new treatments for Parkinson, I’m more than happy to do so !

How was your day here?

Very good ! People are very nice, and I could ask a couple of questions to the doctor who came for the examination, so I even got to learn a few things !

What would you tell the people who are still hesitating in participating?

It doesn’t hurt ! (laughs) Don’t be afraid !

We can’t stand waiting and not doing anything - you’ve got to do something too !

What would you tell the researchers and staff working on the project?

Go on and ... find something !

The job you do is really important, even if you don’t always get the recognition you owe. So don’t stop and don’t drop the ball.

What you’re doing is great and we’re counting on you !

And to the Parkinson’s disease patients?

Keep hoping, and don’t forget to enjoy the little things in life !