To improve the research conducted in the NCER-PD programme, the Luxembourg Institute of Health is recruiting « control persons » (not suffering from Parkinson), especially men above 40 years-old in order to obtain clinical data and samples that will be compared to patients’.

How did you hear about the NCER-PD study, and what motivated you in participating?

I’m currently taking part in another study of the LIH taking place in the same building as NCER-PD. There is where I saw the sign about Parkinson and asked for more info. As soon as I learned more about the NCER-PD study, I immediately got interested in participating.

I’m retired and have therefore quite some free time; I find it natural to dedicate some of this time to serve a useful cause and help improve research.

How was your day here?

I was asked a lot of questions, did some neuropsychological tests and some analyses; everything went very well, I was very well treated (laugh)! Nothing was painful, on the contrary, it was pretty pleasant! The team is very welcoming and super nice, especially the nurse who took care of me (laugh).

What would you tell the people who are still hesitating in participating?

I can only recommend other people to join this study! It’s just a question of time, nothing else. Hurry up, it’s time to help!

What would you tell the researchers and staff working on the project?

I think they are doing a great job! I am pleased to bring my contribution and help them move forward! I would be pleased to participate in another study! I can only support them!

And to the Parkinson’s disease patients?

They can count on researchers! They will find ways to help them and improve their life!