Parkinson's Fighter: Laura & Alexandra

Each patient with Parkinson’s is different: There are never two identical cases. Each patient has his/her own story. As nurses, we must adapt to each patient, and that is what makes the work interesting, diverse and very instructive!

During our studies, we received a basic education, which was later on consolidated and deepened by our daily work. Thanks to this practical experience, we now have a greater awareness of e.g. non-motor symptoms or the importance of the medication regimen.

Working in a multidisciplinary team is an advantage – each of us contributes his/her know-how and experience to gain new skills and deepen our knowledge of Parkinson’s disease. We also learned a lot from our patients who help us to better understand this disease, and who are willing to share the challenges they have to face in their daily life with us.

We would like to thank them, because without their input, we couldn’t advance in our research on Parkinson’s disease. We also would like to tell them that they are no longer alone. Behind them stand a number of people: a very efficient patient association, motivated researchers, and more and more healthcare professionals specialised on Parkinson’s disease.