Parkinson's Fighter: Mariella

I have been a physiotherapist, engaged in the care of people with Parkinson’s for almost 30 years. Parkinson’s is a complex condition which affects not only the way people move but also different aspects of the person’s life. Due to this complexity, the person is better taken care of by a physiotherapist with expertise in Parkinson’s, who will take into consideration not only the person’s needs but also the family personal situation.
Receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is hard and difficult to accept because it is perceived as a change in the person’s life. Today’s scientific advances and increasing physiotherapy Parkinson’s expertise contribute to a personalised management and prevention of potential problems, like difficulties in walking and decreased balance. It is advised to see a physiotherapist from the moment of diagnosis, to assess how best prevent potential difficulties and profit from a regular physical activity programme.
We should never forget we are professionals delivering a service and as such we need to provide knowledge, experience and emotional support. It is also important to be compassionate. Compassion and understanding are key for anything we do. What I learn every day from patients with Parkinson’s is what it truly and really feels like to have the disease. They know it, so we need to listen to every single word of the people with Parkinson’s we treat, because they are the ones who know best about the way they feel.
To people with Parkinson’s I would say, just keep ongoing, do not lose hope, we are all in it together! We will help you, and please, you must help us to help you!