As an alternative to the participation in the Parkinson's Research Clinic in Luxembourg, you also have the possibility to be examined by our Flying Team! Recently, the team achieved a new milestone: the 100th participant recruited through the Flying Team!

How did you hear about the NCER-PD study and what motivated you to participate?

During Parkinson’s Day in Belgium, I immediately gave my number to the NCER-PD team in order to participate to the study. I believe that each step, even the smallest one, can contribute to pave the way for future research, and the researchers need us to move forward. 

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 22 years ago, but I knew it a long time before.  I was shaking like a leaf, but I did not want to admit it, even if my loved ones told me to visit a doctor.  It took me a while to do that and follow all the procedures to have the right treatment. Back then, I realised how much a good supervision, or even tips and tricks, could improve my daily.

How was your day there?

The team was very nice and friendly. They took the time to explain me everything and I had the opportunity to ask all the questions I wanted. I found this to be very important!

How would you motivate people to participate in the study?

If I had to convince people to participate, I would say “Come! It will only do you good and you will contribute to the progress of research!”. Participating to such tests made me feel better - it made me feel better to do something useful!


For more information about the Flying Team, please get in contact with our clinical team at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg, by telephone or email.

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