Meet the 600th patient recruited for the Luxembourg Parkinson Study

The NCER-PD team continues to recruit volunteers who want to take part in the Luxembourg Parkinson's Study. Doctors and nurses receive new participants in the clinic in Luxembourg, or go and meet them in different places (Ettelbrück, Wasserbillig, Leudelange, Esch-sur-Alzette, Clervaux).

Last October, team members Lukas (neurologist in training) and Béatrice (research nurse) met Thierry, the 600th participant with Parkinson's disease, in Ettelbrück. We asked him why he had decided to give some of his time to take part in the study:

How did you hear about NCER-PD and what made you want to participate?

I heard about the study through the intermediary of my doctor who treats me for Parkinson's disease and I wished to participate because of the impact that this disease has. I have difficulties to write for example, I can do it very slowly and my right hand is not very precise. It is also difficult to talk and interact with someone. It is an evil that is important to understand better.

How was your appointment with the Parkinson Research  Clinic team?

Everything went well. I first saw the nurse and then met the doctor. The appointment was not too long and the team was friendly.

What would you say to motivate others to participate in the study?

I would simply say that the study is ongoing, that it is still possible to participate and that you have to register. It is important.

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